Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, your debts will be consolidated into one monthly payment, which you will make for three to five years. At the end of this period, your remaining unsecured debts will be discharged. This type of plan usually works for individuals and families who are unable to obtain the relief they need under Chapter 7.

If you have questions about qualifying for a Chapter 13 filing, speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney like me, William J Howell. I have helped countless individuals and families across the Coachella Valley file for and complete chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Chapter 13 Can Stop Foreclosure Before You Lose Your Home

Too many people avoid filing for bankruptcy because they believe they will lose their homes if they do. This could not be further from the truth. If your lender is initiating foreclosure proceedings against you, a bankruptcy filing will put an immediate halt to them.

Because a Chapter 13 filing takes several years to complete, it can give you the time you need to catch up on your late mortgage payments or even negotiate a mortgage modification.

I understand how important your home is to you, which is why I will work as hard as I can to help you craft a bankruptcy plan that protects it. In addition, just like with a Chapter 7 filing, we can take advantage of exemptions to help you protect your other valuable assets.

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